2010-2022 Tight End (PSI) Database


Welcome to the first version of the Prospect Success Indicator model for Tight Ends. Apologies as I have not yet written up what goes into this model, as this is not the same as the wide receiver version. In the meantime here is a list of the metrics I looked at to build this.

  • Draft Capital
  • Draft Age
  • BMI
  • Speed Score
  • Bench
  • Yard Per Reception
  • # of Games Played
  • Agility Score

The 2010-2022 Tight End Prospect Success Indicator Database (v1) file is available on Google Drive, click the link to access it.

    • For the best user experience, I suggest downloading the database onto your computer and using Excel, rather than using Google Sheets.
    • Once you downloaded it, it should look like this (see image below)Capture

How-to Guide

  1. PSI Post-Draft Score: This score is an adjusted Pre-Draft score due to Draft Capital following the NFL draft. (Draft Capital = Opportunity)
  2. Top 5 Seasons: Total # of Top 5 seasons a player has achieved in his career to date

The charts below show you the total # of tight end prospects to hit by tier as a percent of the total, both with and without draft capital.


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