2010-2022 Prospect Success Indicator Complete Database


To find out what goes into the Prospect Success Indicator Score, how it is calculated, and how to best interpret the data to get the most out of it, be sure to check out this link.

The 2010-2021 Prospect Success Indicator Database file is available on Google Drive; click the link to access it.

    • For the best user experience, I suggest downloading the database onto your computer and using Excel rather than Google Sheets.
      • This will allow you to easily filter and sort how you want to
    • Once you download it, it should look like this (see the image below)Capture

How-to Guide

  1. PSI Pre-Draft Score: This is the prospects profile score based on age-adjusted college production and athletic measurables
  2. PSI Post-Draft Score: This score is an adjusted Pre-Draft score due to Draft Capital following the NFL draft. (Draft Capital = Opportunity)
  3. PSI Post-Draft What-If Score: the hypothetical max score a prospect could’ve achieved if they had participated in all of the Combine/Pro Day events and met the necessary thresholds for each missing event.
  4. Post-Draft Tier Movement: This column shows you who gained/lost value (by tier) due to draft capital results
  5. Incomplete Athletic Testing: This column shows you which prospects have an incomplete athletic testing profile (Combine/Pro-Day)
  6. Top 24 Seasons: Total # of Top 24 seasons a player has achieved in his career to date

Below are the hit rates for the number of wide receiver prospects to hit by tier as a percent of the total, both pre and post-draft.


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3 thoughts on “2010-2022 Prospect Success Indicator Complete Database

    1. You can scroll the database on the screen or download to Excel using the EXPORT button on the bottom ribbon.


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