2023 Tight End Prospect Success Indicator Report

Welcome to the second annual Tight End Prospect Success Indicator Report!

What is the Prospect Success Indicator?

PSI is a weighted equation of various advanced metrics designed to cut through the noise and biases and increase our hit rates. It compares those incoming rookie profiles to the historical average of a top 5 tight-end profile. Prospects are then measured against that profile, and the Prospect Success Indicator Percentile Rank tells us how close these incoming rookies match that profile.

FAQ: Does a 90% PSI Percentile Rank mean he has a 90% chance of breaking out?

No, it just means he’s a 90% match to the historical profile of a tight-end who scored 200+ PPR points, which more often than not equated to a top 5 season in fantasy football.


  • The first table below shows that historically ~96% of all tight-end prospects who achieve a top 5 season are in the top 50th percentile and above.
  • The second table shows us that tight-end prospects in the top 5 tiers produce ~95% of the total top 5 seasons in the historical database.

Prospect Profile Terms and Glossary

  • PSI Rank: is the percent to which the prospect profile closely matches that of the historical top 5 profile.
    • FAQ: Does a 90% PSI Percentile Rank mean he has a 90% chance of breaking out?
      • No, it just means he’s a 90% match to the baseline profile of an average top 5 tight end in fantasy football.
  • Rookie ADP: ADP data is brought to you by FFFaceoff rookie draft data
  • PSI Player Comp: these are the prospect-to-prospect comps based on size, athleticism, and college efficiency production.
  • Actionable Takeaway: I encourage you to use this as a data point in your process to help determine who may be over/undervalued in rookie drafts.


Josh Whyle – Cincinnati

  • PSI Rank: 51.2%
  • Rookie ADP: UDFA
  • PSI Profile Comp: Lucas Krull

Luke Schoonmaker – Michigan

  • PSI Rank: 51.2%
  • Rookie ADP: 3.11
  • PSI Profile Comp: Hayden Hurst

Will Mallory – Miami

  • PSI Rank: 57.1%
  • Rookie ADP: 4.09
  • PSI Profile Comp: Chris Gragg


Michael Mayer – Notre Dame

  • PSI Rank: 63.0%
  • Rookie ADP: 2.05
  • PSI Profile Comp: Austin Hooper

Sam LaPorta – Iowa

  • PSI Rank: 68.9%
  • Rookie ADP: 3.05
  • PSI Profile Comp: Jonnu Smith


Dalton Kincaid – Utah

  • PSI Rank: 72.4%
  • Rookie ADP: 1.10
  • PSI Profile Comp: Coby Fleener

Luke Musgrave – Oregon St.

  • PSI Rank: 75.8%
  • Rookie ADP: 3.03
  • PSI Profile Comp: Jelani Woods


Tucker Kraft – South Dakota St.

  • PSI Rank: 82.7%
  • Rookie ADP: 4.07
  • PSI Profile Comp: Hunter Henry


Darnell Washington – Georgia

  • PSI Rank: 95.8%
  • Rookie ADP: 3.06
  • PSI Profile Comp: Rob Gronkowski
  • Medical: Possible Red Flag Due to Reported Knee Concerns

Want to know how these prospects rank against prior draft classes? Go to the Tight End PSI Database to find out.

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